I design and make ceramic homeware from my small home studio in rural Perthshire. I have a small electric kiln where all my work is fired, this means some very early mornings or late nights monitoring it! 
I don’t work on a wheel, so slip cast or slab build most items in earthenware clay. I make plaster moulds to cast liquid clay from a wooden original which I make on a lathe. Some items are made by rolling out slabs of clay and then joining these together by hand. 
Once each piece is made from clay it dries in my studio for around a week to make sure all the moisture has gone. They then go in the kiln for the first time to be bisque fired, around 30 hours later I can open it up and decorate and glaze the pieces. After a final glaze firing they’re ready! 
I take inspiration from the mountains and from the countryside around me. My designs seem to change with the seasons, I come up with bees in the summer and snowy mountains in the winter! 
These photographs of my making process don't look quite as messy as it seems in real life! I love working with clay, it teaches me something new every day and nothing beats the excitement of opening the kiln after a firing.
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